Scan - George Harrison during the filming of “Help!”, Bahamas, 1965

George is wearing this distinctive pair of jeans which he created himself:
"Many readers have asked where George bought those mottled jeans he has been wearing recently. When the question was put to George he said: ‘I was washing them one day and instead of putting the bleach into the water before I put in the pants I did it the other way around, and put the pants into the bowl and then poured a bottle of bleach onto them. Actually I am getting a bit fed up with them and must get another pair." - The Beatles Book, January 1966

When Led Zeppelin played the Long Beach Arena in 1977, his British doctor referred him to a local physician. Kitty Cartwright worked in the office there and asked Robert if she could take this picture. He consented, only if she promised not to sell it to a tabloid. She kept her promise, and she remained awestruck with Robert and his music until her death from cancer at the age of 61.
Source: 100.3 The Sound

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Our relationship was heaven to me, and it was heartbreaking when it was over. She was an incredibly talented woman; I have no idea what she was doing with me.
Graham Nash on Joni Mitchell 

The Doors, “Riders On The Storm,” France, released June 1971. (Jim was living in Paris by then.)